Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Close to Closing Time

It's been a lovely Tuesday!

The last couple of nights have been pretty chilly.  Thankfully it didn't frost though, we definitely weren't ready for that!  The coolness has spurred us into action and today was spent readying for the fall.

One of the first things on my mind was my herb garden, which is overflowing with almost every type of basil.  Basil is exceptionally tender and even a light frost will immediately turn the plants into black slimy masses.  So I made basil cubes!  I tidied up the greenhouse a bit and brought in the lavender and curry trees.

They have survived my neglect pretty well this summer.  I hope to find new homes for the curry trees soon.  They've been with us for a while now.  Their first birthday is fast approaching!

We also finished picking winter squash
That's not nearly all of them.  We'll be eating some type of winter squash at least a couple of times per week all winter long!

Joe also planned out how we will cover a portion of the garden so that we can keep a few things growing all winter long.  How nice it will be to have fresh greens all through the winter!

There's plenty of work left for the rest of the week.  We'll pick up materials and build our modified hoophouse, dig sweet potatoes and dig up a few herb plants to bring inside for the winter.  Next week, hopefully we'll dig sugar beets and experiment with making sugar!

So much time and so little to do . . . Wait a minute . . .strike that, reverse it.  It is still true that work gets in my way, but I shall overcome!

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Karen from Collins said...

You are adorable and hilarious - and this is my FAVORITE time of year! :) All your doing sounds wonderful and delicious...for months to come, haha!