Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well, it is almost the 5th of November.  Remember, remember the 5th of November . . .  But there is no gunpowder, treason or plot for me; just an escape from Facebook!  I have been working on my escape plan for a couple of weeks now and it is coming together well.  Saturday morning will be my final login.  I started writing letters again today.  I'm a little rusty but it feels good, more like real communication even if it is slow.  There's just something about receiving a real letter!

This is not the only change I am working through today.  This was also my checkout day from Mammoth Cave.  It has been a good summer full of challenges and triumphs, and I am sure that in a few days I will miss many things about being there, but tonight it feels good just to be at home and to know that for a little while anyway, nobody owns my time.  We plan to pay regular visits to wake up the remaining employees during the slow winter months.  LOL

When I arrived home today I had the pleasant surprise of finding eight curry trees sprouting in the flat I planted a couple of weeks ago!  We will soon be building a plastic room right off the house to hold my houseplants this winter.  I think I'll start some kale tomorrow.  The kale my neighbors in seasonal housing had planted looked so fantastic that I wanted to harvest it right out from under their noses.  I actually don't know how I managed to resist, but I did.  In a few weeks I will have just as much as they did and more and I shall lavish myself with the wondrous flavor of freshly picked organic kale.  Ahhhhhh, I can hardly wait!

Well, this blogging thing is new to me and I hope to improve both my content and my style in the coming weeks, so be patient with me.  I hope to hear from some of you!

P.S.  This color scheme brings back fond memories from a stage-crafting class I took centuries ago.  Our final project came with the distinct instructions "No Garish Colors"  Well guess what colors Miss Attentive used.  Nuff said!

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