Thursday, January 12, 2012

From New Zealand (and Russia?) With Love

I am mystified!!  Recently I was combing through the statistics for this blog (trying to figure out what some of them even mean) and I happened to click into audience - all time.  What I learned there is that my viewership is (as expected) primarily from United States viewers, second place in my viewership falls to . . . You guessed it! . . . Russia!?!?!  What's up with that?  Have some of my friends or family members taken up a secret Russian double life?  Are Russians so bored that my blog just really makes their day?  I'm burning with a desire to understand this mystery, so, if any of my dear Russian viewers would care to come forth and explain yourselves I would be deeply grateful!  So, what does all this have to do with New Zealand?  Are they number three on the viewership charts?  NO! This lovely island nation holds an entirely different, yet very special, place in my heart.
Behold!  The joy New Zealand has brought into my life!

A new spinning wheel, at last!  Well, a brand new used spinning wheel anyway.  I have been waiting for years for this moment, basically ever since my first wheel was stolen (from my pantry no less!)  I've given her a little bit of a trial as you can see on the spool, but I need to do some studying and coordination work before I will be producing anything really worth talking about.  The person who sent it to me even sent some carded wool roving for me to practice with!  Wasn't that wonderful!  Those New Zealanders . . . you just can't beat them!

In other news, we have planted flats of cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.  We are trying to get a good start on the garden for the first time in years.  The little cabbage family plants look so bright and happy!  It's not feeling much like we are going to have any winter of significance, I wonder what effect that will have on the garden insect populations?  We found out yesterday that seasonal housing at Mammoth Cave will be allowed to have at least one small garden plot!  This will be a nice change.  Thanks Green Team!!

Can't really think of any other major breaking news.  If anyone can help me out with the Russia mystery feel free to chime in.  In the meantime, have wonderful days until next we meet!


Karen from Collins said...

Hey girl - although I AM Russian in ancestry, cannot help ya with this deep mystery. :) But ooooooh Spinning Wheel - I LOOVE that song! ;) Seriously though, that really is the coolest, my hat is doffed to your burgeoning spinning skills and oh yeah, NZ and New Zealanders really rule! :) xoxo

Barb Schanel said...

Thanks Karen, This cold week should be a good one for practicing, too cold to be outside!

abbie said...

Regarding the Russian thingy:
That's all I've got.

Spin on, my friend!!

Barb Schanel said...

Hah! I knew you must be the hidden Russian!

Jen awJ said...

I've gotten 3 views from Russia this month too. Weird - so I set my Language Setting to enable transliteration into Russian. Fun! So jealous of the seasonals garden plot - and the spinning. Miss ya! :)