Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Love Story

Once upon a time a Young Lady walked into a Coffee Shop and sat down with some friends.  Her friends introduced her to the Fine Young Man also sitting at the table, who rapidly returned to his reading.  After her friends left she and the Fine Young Man conversed briefly and he invited her to a Meeting (as she had indicated an interest in Doing Something.)  The Meeting was interesting, (people wanting to use theater, music, and art to work with young people) and after it the Fine Young Man invited the Young Lady to a party.

She arrived at the Coffee Shop at the appointed time to find no Fine Young Man, as she walked down the alley, resigned to the fact that he Wasn't Interested, a red truck stopped in front of her.  There was the Fine Young Man asking her if she wanted to go to a party.  A little consternated, she climbed into the back of the truck (wondering why she was submitting herself to such humiliation).

The party was strange.  The Young Lady didn't know anyone there.  The people were dancing the weirdest dances she had ever seen (even while tripping).  She sat on the sofa next to the Fine Young Man and after a while he Held Her Hand.  Her heart beat rapidly. It simply wasn't done.  Not in that place or at that time.  But it made her very happy.

He offered to walk her home from the party as the young man in the red truck was otherwise occupied.  When they neared her house the Young Lady saw a car in the driveway and exclaimed, "Oh shit!  There's a monk in my house!"  (She was sharing a house with some members of a pseudo-Hindu/pseudo-Buddhist cult and their guru was on a donation accepting visit). 

The Fine Young Man remained silent and bent her back and kissed her.

They went into the house and talked with the Monk for a while. When it was time for the Fine Young Man to leave the Young Lady told him that she was expecting a visit in the coming week from an Army Guy.  She did not know what would happen but she wanted to hang out some more.

For the next week the Young Lady sat in the Coffee Shop waiting for the Army Guy.  Everyday she called him and every day he promised he'd be there the next day.  Meanwhile, every day the Fine Young Man and his Younger Counterpart stopped by the Coffee Shop.  They would sit with the Young Lady for a while and chat about nothing in particular.

On the fifth day of waiting, when the Fine Young Man and his Younger Counterpart were about to leave the Coffee Shop, the Young Lady stood up and said, "Let's go to my house."  They went to the Young Lady's house and there were no monks there.  They made pasta.  The Younger Counterpart was cavorting around the house making jokes and being generally silly.  The Young Lady shouted out to the kitchen, "I love you [Younger Counterpart]!"  Then she looked up at the Fine Young Man, in whose lap her head lay and said, "I love you too"  Once again he remained silent and gently kissed her.

They were inseparable.  They drove around town, sometimes with the Younger Counterpart in the red truck, sometimes in the car of the Fine Young Man's business partner.  The car only had an AM radio, so they listened to country music.  This was their song:

In their first twenty years together the Fine Young Man and the Young Lady spent only three days apart from one another. During that time they raised three of the Finest Young Men Ever.
They Dreamed and they Worked.  They have bought properties and lost properties, they have built houses and they have left houses, they have even rented houses on occasion.  They have planted gardens and neglected gardens.  They have started businesses and abandoned businesses.  They have moved around a lot while staying in the same place.  The Harsh Realities Of Life have caused them to spend more time apart in recent years but they are working on rebuilding a life in which they can be together every day once again.

After over 26 years the Young Lady and the Fine Young Man are still in love.


Jen awJ said...

Aww. I love it.

abbie said...

Sweet. Nicely written. It's good to reach waaaay back to those long ago memories sometimes. I think it helps me to retain my focus for today, when I remember what yesterday was like.

Barb Schanel said...

Thanks Grrls!