Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Sweet Snowy Sabbath

It started snowing this morning so we thought it would be a good time to go up to our Sabbath spot with the boys.  (Micah is taking the picture)

We built the Sabbath spot a month or so ago up in our woods.  It is just a simple windbreak with a fire pit.  I guess you can't really see the fire in this pic but it makes things cozy. We don't have a particular day to go up there, but any time we've been putting in a lot of work, we find a nice day to counteract all of the busyness and just relax.  It is a cell phone free zone so that we can truly rest up there.  That's what the Sabbath is about anyway, right?  Resting?


Jen awJ said...

I really need a quiet, nature, cell phone free, city noises free Sabbath spot. It's hard to find true quiet and rest in suburbia. Sigh....Yours looks divine, enjoy!

Jen awJ said...

Speaking of sabbaths, I'm following your lead and taking a Facebook break. There's a backlash of disappointment from my closest friends and family, strangely. Did you get that from folks when you announced you were leaving?

Barb Schanel said...

I did get some backlash. People telling me I'd be back in no time, and saying that they would hate to loose touch with me (but not leaving me their contact info) I have a friend right now that I think is trying to pressure me back to facebook by refusing to communicate with me even though we had been in touch for a while after I left. I know there are big things going on for her right now, but I can't participate because she won't respond to phone or e-mail messages.