Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gloriosity and a Confession

First the confession.  My brain is mush.  It has fallen down the longest hole in the ground known to man.  This hole has a name.  It is the great Mammoth Cave.  Mammoth Cave is a wonderful place to work.  After all, where else can one get paid to walk in a spectacular cave, talk to interesting people, and walk in the woods?  But, here at the beginning of the season, it takes all of my brain power just to remember all of the fascinating tidbits of information that I need to relay to our adoring public.  There is no space left for pondering deep societal issues.  Alas!!

However!  I do have something to offer you all.  I have pictures of the beautiful flowers blooming all over our place:


And More Trillium

Violet Wood Sorrel

Gill O'er the Ground

Apple Blossoms


Not a flower but a new grape sprout!
So I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'll be back when I grow back a smidgen of brain.  Here's another treat though, a song that's running through my addled brain:

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Jen awJ said...

Will call you soon, didn't realize it was you!