Friday, January 11, 2013

Growing Up

Joe and I have been talking a lot about growing up lately.  First of all our boys have all grown up into such fine folks.  Our oldest has become very adept at finding his way on his own, even in hard times, and the other two are dedicating themselves to lifelong dreams for the land that they and we own.  We are so proud of them that we could just bust.  But seeing them growing up so well makes us think that it's time for us to do a bit of growing up as well.

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For example it's time that we start allowing ourselves to be driven by the work that needs to be done on our place rather than being driven by how much we feel like relaxing in a given day.  So we are scheduling work for most of our waking hours and trying to develop the good habit of planning what we are going to do in a given day the day before.  We are also teaching ourselves to clean up now instead of later.  All of this may seem elementary to many of you, dear readers, but none of it comes easily to us.  We are realizing that these habits are important if one wants to live a truly sustainable life, and that if we follow these basic ideas we will actually end up with more time for true relaxation rather than stolen bits of guilty rest.

In addition, it is time for me to give my blog a new grown up name that is easier for people to remember and that speaks more directly to what the blog is really about.  And so, listen carefully, I will no longer be writing posts for this blog.  Instead, my deep and entertaining thoughts on life and sustainability will be found at A Sustainable Transition.  I hope you will all follow me there as I truly enjoy your input. 

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abbie said...

LOL I had to check the rebellious box, of course. I'm with ya, Mama. Be sure to schedule in a few hours for YOU, while you're at it. ; ) And I agree with you completely, our boys are growing up well. (I take some small credit for ours, but mostly it's the grace of God. You probably had more to do with yours growing up so well.) : )