Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Magic Potion Time

Good morning fellow sickos!  There seems to be a pretty virulent nastiness going around these days.  My babies are all visiting this week and the house is full of hacking coughs, throat clearings, and nose snorklings.  This morning it finally caught up with me too, and I remembered that a year or so ago a dear friend shared a recipe for a most potent magic potion.  I will share it with you all now.

1. Get out your favorite coffee or tea mug (the bigger the better).
2. Peel a clove of garlic and drop it in.  (for extra potency you can put in an extra clove, slicing one of them.)
3. Quarter a lemon or lime and drop one quarter in the cup.
4. Slice two or three slices of fresh ginger and drop them in the cup.
5. Get a generous pinch of cayenne pepper and drop it into the cup.
6. Scoop or squirt about a tablespoon of honey into the cup
7. Fill the cup to the brim with freshly boiled water
8. Gently sip this wonderful elixir and feel it going to work on all of the dreadful symptoms you are experiencing.

Each of the ingredients can be varied according to taste, but please don't leave any out.  Each one has powerful health benefits.

1. Garlic - A powerful antibiotic. What's more, our bodies apparently do not develop a resistance to garlic's healing properties!

2. Lemon or Lime - Very high in vitamin C.  These citrus fruits are also anti-bacterial and particularly help with throat infections!

3. Ginger - An anti-inflammatory, which is also very helpful for gastrointestinal distress.  It relaxes the inflammation in your throat, and if you are experiencing any nausea it helps with that as well!

4. Cayenne - Helps break up mucous and flush it out of the body.  It's also great for headaches, it's another anti inflammatory, it's an anti allergen, it's high in vitamin C, and it's another digestive aid!

5. Honey - A great energy and immune system builder. Also, of course, it sweetens the mix.  If you can get local honey it's all the better.  Exposure to local pollens through the honey makes you more allergy resistant. There's not enough good stuff to say about honey!

One other optional ingredient.  My friend assured me that if your lover makes the potion for you, the benefits are more powerful!

For an extra mega-boost, when you finish drinking the tea, chew up the garlic!  Wowza!!!

Heal Thyselves!


Jen awJ said...

As always, you have a knack for posting exactly what I need, when I need it. :-D

Karen from Collins said...

Indeed that's some POWERFUL good juju, girl. I've absolutely heard of all those together except the garlic - 'twas good without, 'twill be GOODER with!

Barb Schanel said...

We've made it by the gallon for the last couple of days, what with all of these sickos in the house.

Jen awJ said...

Just made this up again - it's like instant recovery! I swear within minutes after drinking it up (which takes me several minutes), I felt 100% improved. Magic! Thanks again for posting this.

Barb Schanel said...

Happy to oblige!