Friday, March 16, 2012

Amendment and Alternatives

This post refers back to yesterday's post.  Though it sounds like I have some new true believers, I must confess to having committed an error in the recipe.  Instead of just dropping the lemon or lime quarter into the cup, squeeze all of its juice into the cup first.  Then, if you feel like putting in the remains that's fine.  What I found yesterday was that the peel eventually made the tea taste bitter. 

Now, if you do not have time to go through the whole process, there are two alternatives that will give you large jolts of healing power in a fraction of the time.

1.  Sprinkle a bit of salt on a lime quarter and then put the fruit side in your mouth and chomp and suck all of the salty juice out.  You'll look like the people on those billboards advertizing fruit flavored tequilas (or are they vodkas?).  It's brutal, but it goes a long way toward healing colds.

2.  Chop a single garlic clove (I tend toward large ones here, but you can choose according to taste).  Place the chopped garlic on a tablespoon.  Fill the tablespoon liberally with honey, and pop it in your mouth.  The more you chew the garlic the more it will do for you.  If anyone has anything to say about your breath just tell them you could be spreading germs instead of the deep rich aroma of garlic!

Other good things to do are:  Drink plenty of echinacea tea, take echinacea tincture if you can find any, and the usual, drink lots of liquids and rest as much as your schedule will allow.

Peace and wellness to you all!


abbie said...

If all else fails, a couple of shots of tequila will take your mind off being ill, and make the day better, anyway. ; )

Karen from Collins said...

I AM believin', sister! :) Whoooaoh intense-sounding but that it works I've noooo doubt. And yeah I was thinkin' to muddle the pieces of citrus and stuff at the very least ;)
Honey...garlic...citrus - sounding like the beginnin' of an AWESOME marinade for something - LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking - make the potion every morning and sip on it all day or use it as your morning tea.

Barb Schanel said...

Good plan Anonymous (wink wink nudge nudge) That's what we've done for the last few days!

Karen - I use these ingredients in almost everything I cook!

Abbie - That sounds like a new and different attitude! LOL

abbie said...

Just kiddin. Anonymous has the right idea, I think.