Saturday, July 7, 2012

Barrels of Hope

My sweetheart and I took a drive up to Horse Cave, KY yesterday morning to follow up on a lead for the first stage of our rainwater harvesting system.  I know, I know, how could I possibly be thinking about rainwater during this massive drought?  Truth be told, rain is almost the only thing I think about these days.  I watch my tomatoes cook on the vines and I think about rain.  I watch even the weeds in the yard wilting and I think about rain.  I feel how warm the water in the creek has become and I think about rain.

We thought we would only be picking up a few barrels.  After all, we were pulling a small trailer with a Volkswagen diesel  pickup truck.  The reclamation place had told us a few days ago that they only had open topped steel barrels, so we expected to pick up no more than eight, if we were lucky. 

As it turned out, yesterday they also had open topped, tapered plastic barrels.  These could be stacked within one another ans carried in the bed of the truck.  So in the end we brought home a whopping total of seventeen water barrels.  Enough to line both the front and the back of the house!

It's a beautiful sight to see!  The weathermen are predicting rain for later this week, so perhaps they will get their virgin run. 

As I said, this is step one.  We will be creating leveling beds for them (step 2), creating an efficient filling system (step 3), and also engineering a practical method of obtaining the precious liquids they will hold!

I hope it's raining where you are!

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