Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Hot to Handle

We are now on the down side of the wave of blistering heat that has us covering our tomato patch with bedsheets (since the shade cloth has not yet arrived.)

We've kept our promise to beat the heat by spending an inordinate amount of time at the creek.  Here is a taste of our little "staycation"

The Rock Bass Hole

Crazy Creek's slogan  "Don't just go somewhere . . . sit there!"

Sweet feet

Chilly Dog chillin out

Joe and Guy

Looks like it's time for fish on a stick *

Even the trees are getting ready to collapse from the heat
I really think it's wrong for people to be expected to work at times like this.  That doesn't mean I won't work the days that I'm scheduled, I just think heat waves should be treated like blizzards or ice storms.  They are temporary weather aberrations and everything should close.  No one thinks society will collapse if there is no travel for a couple of days in the winter due to snow or ice.  They know the bad weather will come to an end.  This is simply the summertime counterpart.

*for "fish on a stick" you'll have to go to ExcepSchanel Gastronomy!

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