Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Dirty Thoughts

Dirt . . . Soil . . . Humus . . . Compost . . . Manure . . . Humanure . . . Oh the thoughts that have been going through my head lately!  And I've had the likes of the Permaculture Institute feeding me enticing videos that only compound the filthy wanderings of my mind.

You see, now that we are receiving enough rain that water independence seems within reach, my mind has moved on.  I'm thinking more and more about the coming year's garden,

and in thinking about the garden I can not help but think about the medium in which that garden will grow. 

A few weeks ago Micah and I emptied the privy vault again.  I really like this job in spite of the unusual aroma it arouses.  It makes me feel like I'm really doing something.  I'm sequestering carbon, I'm recycling to the fullest, I'm not wasting my "waste". Around the same time Micah and Dom collected a huge pile of leaves from the middle of the road to the creek. Then I came across a video about guerrilla composting that was both fun and informative.

Guerrilla Composting - How It's Done!

Last week I was perusing the internet and permaculture came through again with a short fairly entertaining video on soil.

Let's Talk About Soil

And just yesterday I spent about an hour and a half quite enthralled by a short film that's about nothing but dirt!

Dirt - The Movie

So you can understand that with spring just around the corner, (sort of) and with having just planted carrots and beets in, you guessed it, dirt, it's easy to see how all of these videos are filling my mind with filthy thoughts.

Think about it.  Dirt is what we come from and where we are all eventually headed, dirt provides us with everything we have in one way or another, without dirt we would be nothing, we wouldn't even be.  Yet we malign dirt to no end.  Anything that is undesirable we equate with dirt. Yet what could be, more desirable, more to be revered, than dirt? 

So go ahead, let yourself go, think some dirty thoughts, and while you're at it, get dirty!

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