Thursday, November 15, 2012

Water Independence

It is a most beautiful autumn day here in Middle Tennessee and the family is using it well.  Joe and Dominic have been making trips to the local sawmill to pick up slab wood.  This is the wood that is sawn off of the outside of a log to turn it into a long square or rectangular pole.  Once these slabs are removed it is much easier to saw the logs into usable lumber.  (It also gets the bark out of the way.)

We are then re-sawing these long slabs and splitting them into firewood,

thereby making good use of the waste product of a local business and expanding our community contacts at the same time!  Micah and I have been doing one of my favorite carbon sequestering projects.  If you can't remember what that is you can click here for a reminder.  I'll give you a hint: It's not Micah's favorite.

This morning before the workday really got started I came across a wonderful video of a water harvesting project in Arizona that blew me away.  I tried to import the video to here but couldn't manage so here's a link.

 It reminded me that just the other day we made another step toward our own water independence.  After having cleaned the water barrels we got a night of rain.  It filled the rain barrels up about one third full.  The "drinking water" tank (which has historically been filled by running a hose over from our neighbor's house) was getting a bit low, so we decided to use the nearly crystal clear rainwater to improve our stores. We did it assembly line style!

Pull the water out of the pail

Pour it through a basic filter
Back into the small pails

And into the tank!
It always feels good when we find new ways to take care of our own needs!

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