Wednesday, November 28, 2012

By Popular Demand!

I've been holding out on y'all.  I've talked about storage projects, and greenhouse projects and all manner of other projects, but there is one I've been saving.  I wanted to save it until it was actually finished, but a dear friend of mine can't wait that long.  She wants to see the progress NOW!  So here it is in all of its unfinished glory:

The Dodeggagon

What the heck is a dodeggagon you might well ask.  Spell check is asking the same thing.  If I called it by its original name "the dodecagon" it might make more sense.  A dodecagon is a twelve sided structure.  It is almost a circle it has so many sides.  But we did not want to keep it that simple.  Oops!  I'm getting ahead of myself here.

We wanted to build ourselves a cabin.  The theory being that if we moved out of the main house the boys could take it over.  Eventually they will build themselves cabins as well and the "main house" will become a community center of sorts with big meals, movies and most electric use being centered there.

We started the cabin plan simply enough with a typical rectangular shape, then decided we wanted to go round.  Hence the dodecagon plan.  Then, as we really looked at the plan we decided that the side of the house with the tiny wood stove would not have adequate space for sitting around the warm spot near the stove, so two of the sides of the plan were extended resulting in an egg shape, hence, the dodeggagon was born!

Naturally we have documented the whole process so far, and though it is nowhere near finished, we are making good progress.  Hopefully by the end of winter it will be dried in and sleepable!

Clearing the area
stump digging

obtaining the center post

The foundation begins

The view I'll have from my coffee table!

The future cabin

Ready for sub-flooring

The view from my pillow!

Time to stand the center post

The planning stage for the cap that will attach the roof rafters to the center post
making the cap

The completed cap which could easily double as a medieval shield
So that's how far we've come.  Chances are the other cabins on the place will be a bit less complicated, but this sure is fun!


Abbie W said...

WOW!! I'm so excited I can't BELIEVE you were going to hold out until it was done!! The roundness is AMAZING! And the cap DOES look like a perfect medieval shield! How big is the entire thing going to be as compared to the current place? Like the same sq ft, twice the size, etc.? That looks awesome, Barb! : D

Barb Schanel said...

Indeed, I forgot to mention square footage. It will be between 200 and 220 square feet. For those who have been in my present house, that is less than 2/3 the size of my living room. It's just a little private nook really.

Anonymous said...

So cool!!! I like the hanging hooks on the centeer post.