Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Heaven?

Last week our laptop screen started doing weirdish wild things.  My sweetie pie did a little online research into what might be causing the problem.  He decided that the ribbon wire that runs through the hinge was the problem so he ordered one and printed up instructions on how to dismantle a laptop in your own living room.  The wire arrived this afternoon, so this evening while I sorted pinto beans to avoid watching, he and Dominic went where most men would never choose to go.  Here are a few pics along with an approximation of the ensuing conversation. (I'll keep it G-rated)

Here we go

What else is holding this together?

We'll have to remove the hard drive too

We'll have to remove the screen now

The screen is out

There's the wire we need to replace

Oh . . . Yep . . . I think I broke it

O.K. I guess we can try to put it back together

Where does the small screw go?

Slide it in right . . . there

This means nothing.  We need to see if the keyboard works.

Will it take the password?
The g is a little sticky.
I think I can breathe again.


abbie said...

LOL You are a bunch of CRAZY kids!! I'd def not been able to take pictures of the affair. That was almost as bad as Ben's heart surgery @ 1 week old. WHEW! So glad it worked. (I'm betting the guys were just thrilled about the ADVENTURE of getting inside the computer. Success was just an added bonus.) : )

Barb Schanel said...

Remember? I wasn't watching. Micah was my documentarian.