Friday, October 12, 2012


No it hasn't started snowing here yet, but here at our place there have been weekly flurries.  You see, when we are in our work week at the great Mammoth Cave, though we come home now every evening, nothing is accomplished.  Those days go like this:  Get up ridiculously early, yoga, quick look online, breakfast, make lunch, go to work for 8 hours, come home, eat supper, talk or watch something light, go to bed.  Rinse and repeat.  On a particularly energetic morning I might manage to wash up a few dishes.

But then come our four day weekends!  We are working so hard on our weekends that working at Mammoth Cave is like a vacation!  Here are a couple of the projects we have been working on in our "off" time:

The center part of the building is called the free shed.  It was our original shed and was built completely from found or gifted materials.  Over the years it has become rather overburdened with collected "stuff".
 The tree trunks that were used for rafters have been riddled with the work of wood bees.

We were loath to tear it down because of its history.  We couldn't bear to destroy the work we had done thirteen years ago.  (Look at those pegged together beams!)  So we simply replaced the floor which was in particularly bad condition, sistered the rafters, extended it slightly front and back, and sealed it up with metal.

Now we have a much more useful and weathertight storage space and retained as much of the original work and materials as possible!  A nice compromise.  Now what remains is deciding what we actually WANT and NEED of what has been stored in the past.

Now for project two:  We need to keep some things growing this winter, so we decided to build a greenhouse.

The lemongrass will need a haircut to fit inside.

The collard greens are loving it!

It is amazing what we can accomplish in a few weekends when we are really inspired!

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